The Problem

Social media is an industry mostly ran by young people with little to no grasp on optimization and analytics. The majority of influencers are teens and young adults who gain a following by posting content, but have no understanding on best times to post, optimal kinds of content, etc. After interviewing numerous influencers, the theme was clear - it's hard to keep a grasp on what to post, and it's hard to maintain a consistent fanbase.

Multiple influencers said they would benefit from a tool that analyzes the general trends of a media platform and of their specific post history, identifies what does well, and generates content for them that fits their niche, on top of a way to manage partnerhips.

The Solution

The solution is Maven. Maven is a platform that aims to put the control in the influencers hands, instead of having managers take control of the kids, and in turn take large portions of their profits. Maven is an all-in-one CMS and partnership finding platform, where influencers get analytical AI-powered guides on what to post, when to post, and help creating content, on top of automatic partnership finding based on their niche.

This is currently in development, as after the design, I handed it off to one of my close friends to develop. I am leading the AI and helping with the frontend while he manages backend, so an MVP should be coming within a couple months!

The Result

I'll update this once the product is launched or any changes happen, for inquiries feel free to reach out. I'll also add some technological overview once the AI aspect is nailed down, so watch out for that!